Voice Compass Demos and Recent Webinars

Andrei Introduces Voice Compass

Andrei Papancea, CEO of NLX, introduces Voice Compass.

Andrei's Presentation on Improving Call Center Automation

Andrei Papancea's presentation on how call center automation can be improved using Voice Compass.

Andrei Walks Us Through a Live Demo

Andrei Papancea walks us through two Voice Compass journeys.

Voice Compass Demos

Voice Compass Brazil Demo - Small Business Ordering

Andrei Papancea, NLX CEO, takes us through a new Voice Compass journey for Brazil small business owners that might have low-levels of literacy. This journey gives them 24x7 access to automated ordering without the need for live agent help.

Flight Management

Airline makes outbound call to notify customer of COVID hotspot in upcoming travel destination. Customer is able to make confirmed flight changes during the call.

Airline Seat Upgrade

Business traveler seeks to upgrade seat for upcoming flight. Use of flyer miles is chosen as payment option, requiring escalation to a live agent to complete transaction.

Hotel Booking

Hotel loyalty member books her favorite room without waiting on hold to speak to a reservations agent. She is delighted with an offer for pre-booked spa treatment time based on her arrival date and time.

Restaurant Booking

Busy restaurant offers customers option to pre-order for catering events. Qualified restaurant staff will call back to confirm order details during times that do not impact in-house customer service.


AI-Driven Customer Self-Service in Travel & Hospitality

NLX, AWS, and Copa Airlines discuss the next generation of customer self-service in travel and hospitality.

Building AI-Powered, Data Driven Customer Self-Service

Joan and Andrei discuss the next generation of customer self-service.

Fireside Chat with Joan and Andrei

Joan and Andrei at NLX discuss conversational AI and customer experience.

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